Inspection and Service

Our experienced inspection and servicing team can service your block or we can recommend an authorised service centre for the following products:


  • RGA2 10m Wire Fall Arrest Block
  • RGA3 15m Wire Fall Arrest Block
  • RGA4 15m Wire Fall Arrest & Rescue Block
  • RGA4H 15m Wire Fall Arrest & Rescue Block c/w Stabilising Handle
  • RGA5 5m Webbing Fall Arrest Block
  • RGA26 6m Wire Fall Arrest Block


Fall arrest blocks should be checked before every use and serviced annually.



We can also inspect and certify the following items:


  • Harnesses
  • Safety Lanyards
  • Rescue Equipment
  • Any other RidgeGear height safety products

 For more information on the above please contact customer services on or +44 (0)1538 384 108


Inspection and Service